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  1. 1,095 down

    Friday night Garrett and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We’ve now been together, “Nathan and Garrett”, “Garrett and Nathan”, “Us”, for 1,095 days. I guess I wanted to take a moment to just acknowledge what the past three years has been like for me.

    From the start my ...

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  2. house for sale

    I turned 30 in November of last year, and the months since have been full of changes. I can’t write about some of them yet, and I’m not ready to write about others, but this one I can share. I’m selling my house in Fort Wayne, Indiana ...

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  3. 1132westover.info

    We’re going to be listing the house in the next week or so; in the interim you can find the basic information, as well as links to maps and photos at 1132westover.info.

    date:2007-04-18 14:15:23
    category:1132 westover
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  4. 24 Hours with the Sony Reader

    Right, I know I promised I would tell a story about deploying software based on Django. It’ll have to wait [1]. Yesterday I wandered into the local Border’s to kill some time after lunch. Nothing to look for, just like the books. And there it was, a lone ...

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  5. Coffee Cup line study


    Untitled (coffee cup line study), copyright 2013 Nathan Yergler

    4” x 5” linocut print

    I wanted to practice using lines to describe, rather than outline, shapes and surfaces, so I took a picture of a coffee cup on a sunny day and decided to try and make a print from ...

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