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As part of my effort to complete the Creative Commons web validation service, I inadvertently addressed another of their challenges: creating a language (in this case Python, of course) API for manipulating licenses. So with muted fanfare, here’s version 0.1 of . It currently supports parsing a license and extracting of permissions, restrictions, etc. It also will emit RDF, although that’s not exactly perfect yet.

Future plans:

  • complete the methods that allow creation of new licenses
  • fix the emitRdf method to use namespaces in a cleaner way
  • either replace or just accept the way it handles work information (which I’m not currently a huge fan of)

In order to use it you’ll need RDFlib and Aaron Swartz’s TRAMP. I’ll make a distutils package once I get the rest of the methods fleshed out. As always, suggestions, comments and feedback welcome.