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WordCited: coming “Real Soon Now”

Every now and then I’m forced (or agree) to return to the world of Windows only development. Such is the case with WordCited, my upcoming Microsoft Word plug-in.

WordCited is a plug-in for Microsoft Word 2000 and XP (and possibly 2003, once I test it) which eases the pain of creating MLA [STRIKEOUT:Bibliography] Works Cited entries. It currently handles all sorts of print and internet sources, and will also handle media sources (audio tape, CD, etc) when it’s finally released. I’m also considering adding support for the APA format, but that will come later.

So why return to the world of Windows for WordCited? Because I had a customer. A patient customer. A customer who has yet to call me on the fact I’m nearly 45 days late. But it’s coming; real soon now. And when it does, it will be available here. Well maybe not here, exactly, but I’ll be sure to announce the location. Not that I believe there will be a mad rush to download, but because after all the cursing and ranting about Office COM plug-in development, I need to brag somewhere.