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What a weekend

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m almost glad it’s Monday. Almost. The weekend was busy, but good I guess. Friday evening Garrett and I had supper with Matt and Monica. A really nice evening of conversation. I’d sort of forgotten what times like that are like, so that was really enjoyable.

We spent Saturday cleaning the house in preparation for my family. My sister and brother in law were in town from Detroit, so my parents, both my sisters and their spouses came over for supper and to celebrate our birthdays. My sisters (twins) and I are 1 year, 362 days apart in age, so we’re forever cursed to share birthday celebrations. We gave each of my sisters a “day of beauty” gift certificate to a spa here in town. It was really enjoyable to see how excited they were. Of course, being the big brother, I had to write a little message on the envelope. Something to the effect of “a day of beauty for you… about time.” And they of course had to feign offense.

Sunday was spent doing homework. I was completely exhausted last night, but at least my research paper and assembly language project is done. The upside of doing my assembly project was that I got to use OmniGraffle to make the flowchart. I’ve owned my Mac for about two months now, and I’m consistently impressed with the fit and feel of applications from the OmniGroup . Every app should work as well.

So now I can hopefully get back to work on things I actually care about, like mozCC.