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mozCC 0.5.3 Update

I’ve released another incremental upgrade to mozCC. You can find out more about mozCC here . This release (0.5.3) contains the following fixes/improvements:

  • the toolbar icon is added to the toolbar by default now (previously you had to customize the toolbar manually)
  • the toolbar icon is greyed out when the page contains no license information
  • the status bar icons have been recreated at 20×20 pixels, so they should appear cleaner
  • Public Domain licenses are now detected properly

The following items still need attention:

  • URIs in the details window should be clickable (anyone who knows how to embed things in XULs ‘s should email me. Please.)

I’m also hoping to add compatibility with the Mozilla Suite. Anyway, give it a try and let me know how you like it (or don’t). The xpi is here .