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mozCC 0.6: The Integration Release

A little gift from me to you, mozCC 0.6 is now available. This release adds support for the Mozilla Suite (version 1.4 and above, although previous releases may work) and Netscape (tested with 7.1, but should work with all Gecko-based releases (>= 6, I believe). You can install it by clicking here .

At this point the only major outstanding issue is making URIs appear as links in the details window. I’ve struggled quite a bit with the tree element and haven’t made any progress. If you have any knowledge of XUL, or the particulars of embedding links inside ‘s, please e-mail me.

As always, the answers to all your burning questions about mozCC are located here . Feedback, suggestions, and gifts (just in time for my birthday, hint, hint) are welcome as well.