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Eating my own dogfood

At work my workstation runs Gentoo Linux . Gentoo appeals to the control freak in me: I like being able to build software from scratch with a minimal amount of hassle. And their tools are a cool use of Python. But due to a profile glitch in Mozilla Firebird , I haven’t been able to use mozCC with my profile, and have been just too lazy to deal with exporting bookmarks, etc, etc to get a new one created.

Over the weekend I updated Firebird on that machine to 0.7. Imagine my suprise this morning when I fired it up and the (CC) toolbar icon was there! Holy shit! Somehow my profile was magically healed!

But that’s not the best part. Browsing Boing Boing , I noticed the attribute icons on the status bar and realized “Hey! They’re licensing their work! Cool!” Now I know that they have the Creative Commons button at the bottom of the front page, but I’ve just never scrolled down that far. And I don’t mean to stroke my own ego (OK, maybe a little), but I suddenly realized just how convenient mozCC is to me, personally. Which is just a little more motivation to get off my ass and get the new release put together.