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ccValidator 1.3 now available

ccValidator 1.3 is now available. It’s running live at , and you can download the release tarball here .

This release is mainly a syncronization release; ccValidator now uses the ccRdf core. Porting ccV to this architecture simplified many areas of the code, and provided an excellent test bed for ccRdf. I found a few bugs, and made a few improvments, so there will be a release of ccRdf soon to finish up the syncronization of work.

In addition to ccRdf, ccValidator now sports its own validation image. If RDF parsed from a URL validates properly, you’ll be provided with a bit of HTML to allow you to link to the validation results. Cool, huh? Thanks to Mike L. for the idea.

Thanks for the feedback from all my testers; let me know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.