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mozCC on Slashdot

I guess my 15 minutes are here. mozCC was mentioned in a Slashdot story this weekend. The effect has been a little overwhelming: a jump in downloads and page views by an order of magnitude, and dozens of e-mails. Unfortunately, the e-mails all read something like this:

Hey, mozCC is cool, but it breaks (middle-click|ctrl-click) to open a new tab! I can’t deal with this!

So I guess the good news is that people are trying mozCC. The bad news is they all seem to have found a bug I didn’t. It’s not all bad: I’ve actually managed to track down the bug and fix it, fixing a handful of other minor annoyances at the same time. Unfortunately, MozDev’s CVS seems to be down right now so I can’t check my changes in. But fear not, at this rate I should have an update available within the week, and it looks like it will close out several issues I’ve been battling for a while.

On a final note, the Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 0.8 this weekend. For those of you not following the ever-changing name saga, Firefox is the new name for Firebird. While I haven’t done extensive testing yet, mozCC 0.7.5 seems to work with Firefox just fine.

Thanks for the encouragment, everyone; stay tuned for more updates.