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A Few Quick Notes

OK, I’m sort of busy with school right now, but I’ve had some questions and wanted to post a brief update.

  • ccValidator: New release, coming soon: better (more) error reporting, with more informative error messages (hopefully).
  • mozCC: oh-eight-oh development is well under way; stay tuned for a reworked details UI, preliminary support for foaf:tipjar and much more. Note to all you HIG fanatics out there: yes, I’ve been properly thrashed; yes, I’m fixing things. Move along.
  • quickFile: no, it’s not dead yet; in fact, a release that actually works should be rolling out within the week.
  • and finally, stayed tuned for the epic battle of installing Debian Sarge onto an Acer Travelmate Tablet. It’s bloody and gory, but you won’t want to miss it.