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Embedding the Commons

I’ve put up a new project page, cc-oasis , to document some new CC work I’ve been doing. I’ve come to realize (and I know I’m not alone here) that to effectively promote the Commons, we need to make licensing second nature. If not second nature, then at least easibly accessible.

To that end, I’ve begun working on embedding Creative Commons licensing in . The first step towards that is coming up with a specification for embedding license information into OOo files. I’ve posted a first draft of that specification, and I’m looking for comments and suggestions.

The second step will be developing the user interface to support the embedding. This is obviously going to be the larger task, but I think it’s accessible. Right now I’m again looking for suggestions and ideas about the best way to go about that. I’d like to have a mock-up put together soon so we have something to serve as a model. If you’d like to help, I’d love it; let me know .