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Woodshop 101

After my rousing (well, passable) success with the picture frame project, I’d have been happy to let the tools gather dust in the basement. At least for a while. But the better half and I purchased a stunning “shamrock” colored love seat shortly after the first of the year, and had been struggling to find end tables that fit the space appropriately since. I say “had been” struggling because about a week ago he suggested that we make use of our investment and construct our own tables. |image0|

I was reluctant, I’ll admit it. I’ll also admit that I’m glad I agreed. Last night we put the final coat of polyurethane on them, and I’m very happy with the way they turned out. Not only do they fit the space perfectly, but I’m mildly impressed that we designed and constructed them ourselves. No instructions, no pattern, just measured the space, looked at an existing table for guidance, and sketched out a plan. They’re nothing special, but I’m happy with them. |image1|