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Hello, Brothers; Goodbye, Liver

I spent the majority of the weekend in Lafayette with my fraternity brothers. Friday night the chapter held an alumni appreciation dinner. It was a casual, informal affair, and a nice opportunity to reconnect with the active brothers and find out what’s going on in our lives. Stephen, the chapter alumni liaison (proposed re-election platform: “I’m the one that can spell liaison properly!”), is to be commended for his work; as jaded as it may sound, I feel better opening my checkbook when I know I’m appreciated.

I spent a couple hours Saturday morning taking pictures for my photojournalism class. I ran into Rob Mate, the chapter faculty advisor and my former mentor, on campus. He was unable to attend the initiation later on Saturday, so I was glad that I was able to spend some time catching up with him. Rob is one of those people who even at his worse seems like someone I aspire to be.

Saturday evening was intiation, and then the after party. Luckily it was held at Steven’s, where I was staying. I think it was Brittany who once said “I love hosting the party; it’s so much easier to stumble home at the end of the night.” All in all it was a fun night. To quote Steven’s summary e-mail from the next day:

“Fatalities and mis-haps of the night: One burning bush, a ruined stereo, several glass bottles off the balcony, an indescribable amount of beer spilled in my bed and all over the living room floor, and my neighbors baring their cocks to Jason Glassburn. I told you girls, all it takes is a few of my shots and off come the pants.”

Yes, we burned a bush. Who knew cigarette butts could light brush on fire? And yes, Steven’s bed was covered in beer by an alumnus who shall remain nameless (cough Randy cough). And to quote Steven’s neighbor: “I’m progressive! I’m open-minded! It’s just a cock!” Right.