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mozCC 0.8.0 Preview

I’ve been working on a much-need update to mozCC , and wanted to give users a preview of what I’m working on. MozCC 0.8.0 is supposed to be (to my way of thinking) a mostly feature-complete, cleaned up version of the existing mozCC. Improvements will include:

  • localization support (done)
  • better RDF extraction (done)
  • improved details interface (in progress)

|image0| It’s the final item I want to share today. In previous version of mozCC, clicking on the status bar icons or toolbar icon presented the user with a details dialog. This dialog wasn’t all that useful; the formatting was obtuse and I’m not sure it really made it clear to people just what they could do with the work. The new dialog aims to improve that. It presents a list of licenses and works defined on the page. Each list has human readable text describing either a user’s right(s), or details about the work. Finally, there’s a “this page” section, which describes what license applies to the particular page you’re looking at. The screenshot to the right shows the license tab open, viewing my blog earlier this morning.

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.