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Learning From The Best

In reference to my tirade on a unified blogging/research/information organization tool, here’s what I currently use, love and wish could be tied together:

  • Wiki. Need I say more?
  • SubEthaEdit : shared, real-time editting; how can you have a collaboration tool without it?
  • CVS / Subversion : versions. Lots of them. Because if there’s a way, I’ll screw it up.
  • Atom : “feed”-ing the future (OK, even I think it’s a horrible pun and I wrote it)
  • : what good is information organization if you can’t use it easily?
  • Creative Commons : what tool would be complete without the ability to embed, detect and “understand” the future of the public domain?

I’m still wrapping up some school work this week before finals, but as soon as I have a free minute, I’ll put together a more coherent document. Stay tuned.