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Brain Dump

Since the semester ended (straight A’s, thanks for asking), I’ve been busy at work trying to get caught up on various projects. As such, little time for blogging, but here’s a dump of what I’m looking at and thinking of right now:

  • Kahle v. Ashcroft , the new front in the copyright battle
  • Oyez : who knew that interactively browsing biographies of former Supreme Court justices could be so enthralling, or that I’d end up listening to the oral arguments of Eldred v. Ashcroft on my way to work for a week?
  • LoginManager, a seemingly abandoned product for Zope 2.x that we’ve adopted at work in an effort to bring it forward to Zope 2.7 compatibility
  • Gentoo Linux, still my favorite way to build servers that do a particular task and do it well

Hmmm… there seem like there’ve been more “I should blog this” thoughts than this list in the past week; I guess I really do need to “just do it.”