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Two Weeks In, No Looking Back

Yesterday marked the two week point since I started working semi-full-time at Creative Commons . I went into the job with lots of trepidation: what would working from home be like, would I be able to stay focused, and, finally, would doing CC stuff remain as exciting for me once it was actually a job. I’m happy to report that “so far, so good.”

Work has always been a social experience for me: I’m happiest when I can combine work with friends and when I can bounce ideas off of peers. Discussion breeds understanding for me, so working from home was a little scary in that respect. Considering that I’ve never actually met any of them, the CC crew has been amazingly welcoming, available and great to work with.

Which leads me to my final thought regarding the new job: does it seem a little strange to anyone else that I, someone who in the past has allowed inertia to rule my life and only made decisions after obsessing about the “absolute right” choice, sought out, negotiated and accepted a job, all via e-mail. When I mentioned the possibility of the CC job to my brother-in-law, he asked when I’d be flying out for an interview. Meeting in person? Please, that’s so 20th century.