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Physically Meeting? That’s So 1998

I’m in San Francisco for the next week. I arrived around noon, and spent the afternoon wandering around the city. It’s been about 18 months since I was here last, but it always seems like I fall back into the rythym of the city. True, I’m still anxious about new places and a little agoraphobic when it comes to places I’m unfamiliar with, but in San Francisco the anxiety and nervousness is a familiar, almost comforting part off the background noise.

I’m here to meet the Creative Commons staff, and get plugged in to the organization. It’s a little daunting, actually. The entire interview, negotiation and contract process was done via e-mail, and prior to July 1 I had only spoken to Mike once, when I started contracting for ccTag . I’m a little intimidated, but mostly I’m incredibly excited. So far this job has been a great experience, and it’ll be cool to finally put faces with the names and voices I’ve been interacting with in conference calls over the past couple of weeks.

I’m here in San Francisco through Saturday, at which point I’m heading up to Portland for a little mini-vacation. Of course, what would vacation be without work? 😉 I’ll be attending OSCON along with two days of tutorials. It’s interesting how life’s events are so interconnected: two years ago I attended OSCON in San Diego. I was just over a year into my job at Canterbury, had found open source religion, but wasn’t really plugged into the ideas. I heard Lessig speak, and that marked the start of my fascination with Creative Commons. Now, two years later, I’m spending a week at the CC offices before heading to OSCON again.