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My Week in SF

Today is my last day in the office here at CC. Tomorrow I fly to Portland where I’ll be attending OSCON next week. Garrett will be meeting me in Portland, which will be nice.

My week in San Francisco has been amazing. The CC team is everything you want in a group of co-workers: interesting, smart people, engaged in what they’re doing, but not too up tight to laugh at themselves. It’s been great getting to know them personally, and I feel even more excited about working for CC now than I did when I arrived, if that’s possible.

As you may have heard , CC is now sharing office space with OSAF , the folks developing Chandler. I attended the Chandler BOF session at PyCon this spring, and heard Mitch Kapor talk about what they envision Chandler being and doing. Actually, more impressive than hearing Mitch talk at the BOF was watching him listen to the gathered developers. He was more than willing to listen to suggestions, criticisms and complaints about Chandler and OSAF and seemed genuinely interested in partnering with the open source and Python communities. The rest of his team is just as good, and it was fun getting to meet them.

I’ll be posting more about my future projects, along with some pictures of our amazing office space, once I wrap up my visit.