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Hello, Portland

I arrived in Portland on Saturday night and in the 48 hours since have fallen in love with the MAX . The MAX is Portland’s light rail public transport, and while it doesn’t go everywhere, it’s darn handy. Our hotel is right next to a MAX stop, so getting around is pretty easy. Garrett and I spent yesterday wandering around Portland, getting the lay of the land. We didn’t actually do any “classic” site-seeing, but did do a little shopping and enjoyed the lack of sales tax. Go Oregon!

Today is the start of the OSCON tutorials. I’m attending an introductory session on XSLT this morning, which, while a little dry, is definitly informative. We’ll be introducing an XML+XSLT version of the license selection engine soon, so I guess it’s good that I get up to speed. This afternoon I’ll be attending a tutorial on programming using Rendezvous (nay, ZeroConf ), which seems to hold possibilities for CC. I can honestly say I have no idea what sort of possibilities, or where they’ll crop up, but it seems like a technology that would be useful for remixing/collaboration. Somehow. Somewhere.