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The Sweet Taste of Victory

Last night our volleyball team, now dubbed the “Big Shots,” played our first matches of the second summer season. After a rocky start, I’m pleased to report that we WON! And it wasn’t even a forfeit. Not only did we win, we came from behind to beat a team I’ve dubbed “Jaba and Her Minions.” An explanation may be in order.

We play in the “C” league. Basically the non-competitive, play for fun, drink some beers, have a good time, league. JAHM approach every game like they were in the “B+” league (yes, there is such a thing, and yet no A league… whatever). They serve agressively, spike in people’s faces and are general an unpleasant, and yet suprisingly obese, lot.

And we kicked their ass. Of course, let’s put this in perspective: we played 4 games and won 1. But we WON!