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I’m Paying Them to Treat me This way?

Garrett and I recently consolidated our health insurance, and as a result I’m switching physicians. I just called their office (First Care , in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so you can avoid them), and was told I needed to be accepted by as a patient. “Accepted,” of course, was said in the most condescending tone possible. Fine, I gave my information. The scheduling nurse then told me that they would review the information and get back to me. When I asked when I could expect a call back, I was told “Oh, well, we can’t possibly give an estimate. Whenever the doctor has a chance to talk to the nurse about it.”

So basically I’m paying an inflated premium, in addition to a deductable, will probably never see the Doctor on time (regardless of when I arrive), and you have to “accept” me? Well, I guess I’ll have to make sure I “accept” that statement before writing a check, too. Does anyone else ever wonder why there isn’t more street rioting by consumers who are treated this way?