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Peer to Peer Calendaring

Catching up on some infrequent blog reads, I see that OSAF has abandoned the idea of peer to peer calendaring for Chandler. While I understand Mitch (and OSAF’s) reasoning, I’m hopeful someone will step in once a dog food release is available and re-implement the idea.

Why? My partner works for a small university counseling center, and they currently use GroupWise, the campus standard, for scheduling. While GroupWise does great for basic scheduling, it’s not extensible in a way that allows them to track additional client metrics in a convenient way. Let me rephrase that: if it’s extensible, it’s beyond my skills and the services offered by the university IT department. So I was hopeful that I would be able to quickly add metric tracking to Chandler to create a peer-to-peer, vertical solution for their office. HIPPA and other privacy concerns rule out using a 3rd party server, as Mitch proposes in his post, and the university is queasy about running WebDav servers internally. So I guess Garrett’s Access app which currently tracks metrics lives to see another day.