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Publishing Licensed Works

Part of our goal at Creative Commons is to make it easier for people to use our licenses. The Internet Archive helps out with that goal by providing free hosting for licensed audio and video files. That’s no small service for the hobbyist, and relieves bands from the headaches of bandwidth bills and metadata hosting.

Today I uploaded the newest beta of our new Internet Archive integration tool, ccPublisher . ccPublisher takes your audio or video file and allows you to select a license. It will then either upload the files to the Internet Archive for you, or generate metadata for hosting the files yourself (like our online license engine). You can download the beta, version 0.9.7, for Mac OS X and Windows . A Linux release should be available shortly after we reach 1.0.

Those of your interested in digging in the dirt can check out the source code , available from the CCtools SourceForge project . As always, your comments, suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Enjoy.