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Best Buy Redeemed?

Bryan, Best Buy may have redeemed themselves in your eyes, but they’re still pure evil. Their employees, whether by ignorance or training, can be “considered harmful” to technology consumers who aren’t necessarily that tech savvy.

Consider this exchange: a woman is buying an iPod for her son. Employee: “Well you’ll definitly want the protection plan; the batteries don’t last more than a year, tops, and Apple can take up to two months to replace them, even though you have to pay for it.” Huh, that’s news to me, considering I have an older iPod that’s still going strong. With the original battery.

Or how about this. My sister was considering buying some home theatre equipment, and while a Samsung model fit her price range better, she was concerned about the audio quality compared to the Sony. “Well,” answered the [STRIKEOUT:snake oil salesman] “associate”, “no reason to worry; Sony bought Samsung, so they’re really the same now.”

Thanks, but no; I’d rather support a store which doesn’t out right lie to customers.