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Mr. CC Goes to Washington… and Oxford

It’s time for that annual rite of Python: PyCon . Once again scheduled for late March in Washington, DC, this year I’ll be pulling out two dogs and ponies (or is it one of each?). First, and most importantly in my mind, I’ll be presenting on our experiences developing ccPublisher and ccLookup. More to the point, I’ll be taking a pragmatic look at cross-platform development and deployment with Python and wxPython. Should be a good time.

My second presentation is going to be on using RDF with Python. It’s considerably less fleshed out than the former, but I hope to communicate what I’ve learned about RDF in Python. Things which would have been useful to have laid out in a straightforward, pragmatic manner when I started working on Creative Commons projects.

In other, slightly more exciting news, my Desktop Applications talk has also been picked up for the PyUK conference, otherwise known as the Python track of the ACCU 2005 Conference , taking place in April in Oxford, UK. If you’re located near Oxford and want to meet up to chat about CC, Python or both, drop me a line .