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ccPublisher 1.0.5 Preview

First, thanks to everyone who’s tried ccPublisher recently. We do have a couple of bugs in the “stable” version, and I’ve spent the past few days tracking those down and fixing them in CVS. I’m hoping to make a maintenance release later this week once we have a few other things tracked down. In the mean time, I’ve prepared a preview for any brave souls out there. This release is completely unofficial, but it does contain a few important bug fixes. In no particular order:

  • ccPublisher no longer chokes on filenames containing Unicode on Windows.
  • ccPublisher now correctly reads ID3 metadata from files containing Unicode characters on Mac OS X.
  • Permission errors that occur when uploading to the Internet Archive are now displayed; previously they were all reported as “invalid username or password”, which wasn’t really correct at all.
  • The OS X build system has been reworked to use Bob’s incredibly cool py2app resulting in a 400% decrease in download size.
  • A problem with determining whether an identifier is available at the Archive has been corrected.

Between the first two and the last one, this release should correct 90% of all crash reports we receive.

You can find downloads here . Remember, this is a pre-release version, so your mileage may vary. That said, I’d really appreciate any feedback you have.