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Vacation’s Over, Back to the Cold

Garrett and I spent the past week on vacation in Florida. The first half of the week was spent in Fort Lauderdale, and the second half was spent in Key West, one of our favorite places. In both instances we opted to stay at gay-exclusive guesthouses. I guess in an ideal world those places wouldn’t have any sort of appeal, but the world isn’t ideal, so they do. The trip was plagued with last minute changes, including finding out our original lodging in Key West had been recently sold and “gone straight”. The nerve. Luckily we found some space at The Equator , which turned out to be really nice. We’ll go back.

While in Key West we once again went snorkeling in the Atlantic on the Blu Q . The water was cold (66 F), but bearable with wet suits. And this time I actually remembered to pick up a disposable underwater camera. Photos of the trip are here .

We returned to Indiana Saturday night. It’s cold here. And this morning I’m having my hand cut open. Good times.