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Last time I visited by physician for my quarterly meds check, I mentioned the fact that I frequently feel fatigued and exhausted by mid-morning. He referred me to a neurologist, and over the weekend I had a sleep study performed. This morning the neurologist’s office called and confirmed Garrett’s prediction: I have severe obstructive sleep apnea . I go back in tomorrow night for another night of observation, and to be fitted for a CPAP machine. While I’m looking forward to the increased rest and alertness that I’ve been told I can expect, I’m amazed at how medieval looking the head gear fixtures are. Regardless, I’m really hoping to get the machine and gain some experience sleeping with it before heading to PyUK in a couple of weeks.

This weekend I’m heading over to Cleveland for Notacon . The schedule looks nice and geeky, so I’m expecting a good weekend. I’m particularly interested in hearing what this guy has to say about Creative Commons.