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Everybody Wants You

I’m doing some research on reasons for opposing same-sex marriage. I’m trying to take a step back from my obvious emotional ties to the issue, and making myself read the Family Research Council’s website. But this was just too good to pass up:

Why does “defending marriage” and “defending the family” require opposing same-sex unions? How does a homosexual union do any harm to someone else’s heterosexual marriage? It may come as a surprise to many people, but homosexual unions often have a more direct impact on heterosexual marriages than one would think. For example, the Boston Globe reported June 29, 2003, that “nearly 40 percent” of the 5,700 homosexual couples who have entered into “civil unions” in Vermont “have had a previous heterosexual marriage.” So am I to read this as “if we legalize same-sex marriage, 40% of all married men will realize that they just crave cock and leave their chilly, overbearing wives”? Damn, Vermont’s in trouble.

update (14 April 2005) Since writing this post yesterday, I’ve realized my interpretation of the numbers was incorrect. It’s not that 40% of straight men will realize they’re gay, but that 40% of gay men were once in heterosexual marriages. The real implication of the FRC statement is that it’s better to stay in a dishonest, un-natural (assuming homosexuality is the natural state for those men) relationship than to leave and allow everyone to live more honestly. And I can’t accept that conclusion, either.