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I Repeat: Word is Not an HTML Editor

Gay Pride in Fort Wayne has been something of an oxymoron since it’s inception. It’s not bad, but it usually consists of a day of vendors, and occasional dunk tank, and local karaoke “champions” crooning from the “stage”. The vendors are either gay-owned (cool) or gay-pandering (not), and we even get the occasional protestor. Add to the mix the fact the committee has been historically obsessed with scheduling against Chicago Pride or other larger events, and you have an idea why 30 minutes is about all it takes to fully take in our civic, homosexual Pride.

So this year Pride is moving to Headwaters Park East, the largest park in urban Fort Wayne and the site of the other, more established “-fests”: GermanFest, GreekFest, RibFest, etc. The positive side effect (in addition to greater visibility) is the fact we’re no longer scheduling opposite Chicago Pride. So I was interested in finding out more about the wonderful, expanded schedule so I surfed over to the Fort Wayne Pride website .

I was confronted with what can only be described as a crap-pile of images. “Huh, there seems to be a schedule here,” I thought, “maybe I can figure it out.” And then I started noticing inconsistencies: is 12:15 on Saturday “Between the Rooms” or “Lawn Chair Rodeo” ? So I looked at the source, and there it was:

So my general message is:

People! Word isn’t an HTML editor! Ever! And now a word for the “community” :

We’re fags, we’re supposed to look good — this does not look good! Get it together, people! In case anyone thinks that I should volunteer to help rather than bitching, there’s a bit of backstory: My friend John was the first webmaster for, and did an amazing job. When he decided he’d had enough infighting and endless meetings, he asked if I’d be interested in taking it over. I was, and told the committee as much. Of course, the contact was a gentleman who I went out with once and never called again, so he wasn’t interested in my assistance. The funny thing is, I couldn’t even remember his name (and can’t now); apparently I’m irresistable (although one wonders if he was so interested, what was wrong with his phone that week, but never mind…).

That is all, I’m done bitching. And I will go to Pride, and I will check the website for the schedule again, because I do want it to succeed.