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Recurring Problems

I wrote a post last December about what I consider the mixed blessing of my work with CC: that while I love what I’m doing, I hate that I do it by myself. Apparently much like sex, working for free culture is best shared with another person or five.

Earlier this year I started working at Old Crown , a local micro-roaster/coffee shop. It’s been cool, but I’m starting to feel like I’ve taken it as far as it will go. I was reading feeds yesterday when I noticed that Jon Hicks mirrored some of my feelings ; that is, a desire to do independent work in a populated environment. He found space , and observes his productivity is up. That definitely fits with my experiences working from the CC San Francisco offices.

So what’s wrong with Old Crown? Nothing, really. But my needs have changed. When I started spending lots of time there with my laptop, it was enough to just see people and eavesdrop on the occasional conversation. But now I want to talk about my work, ideas for software, and how it’s going to change the world. And as kind as Patrick, the Master Roaster, is to listen when he sits down at my table to write up order sheets, courteous nods and “oh, that’s interesting” can only go so far.

The question becomes what I’m going to do about it. The options, after 5 minutes thought:

  • look for an existing office with a desk to rent, cheap
  • look for someone else in a semi-creative-ish industry, and go in together to rent some office space
  • actually work up my idea for a space-for-independent-creative-types business; sort of like the Innovation Center, but with more emphasis on cross-pollination and less emphasis on incubation
  • suck it up
  • up my meds

We’ll see which one actually pans out.