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That’s Mr. Champion To You!

So Wednesday night the previously unthinkable happened. My volleyball team, the aptly named “One Hit Wonders” won our league championship. That’s right, not only did we go from bottom-of-the-rankings suck to number-two-in-rankings and champions, we did it with class. Not like those bitches we beat (twice, ‘natch) who felt the need to kick sand at us while returning the ball. Very classy.

There were other highlights, course. I managed to hit Stephanie squarely in the ass not once but twice while trying to return a serve. The song Rock Lobster was played during our final game, so of course I did the lobster dance between serves. And Andy nearly went apoplectic during the first game of the night while we were goofing around trying to get our act together. I think his exact quote during time out was “OK, are you guys done? Are you done fucking around?” Yes, sir (giggle, giggle).

Oh, and someone apparently forgot to tell the team we beat for the championship (the sand kickers) that we play in the rec league! So we cheer and high-five after every point, because every point is a miracle in and of itself. Don’t hate us because we’re naturally incompetent and just happened to rise to the occasion of beating your asses. It’s just not lady-like.