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Searching with a Spotlight

I played with Apple’s Spotlight quite a bit when I was prototyping the Creative Commons extension to it. Today I was trying to find something on my Windows machine and I started to pull up the Windows Search tool, planning to go get lunch and come back to see if it found what I wanted. Then I remembered that I’d installed Google Desktop Search 2 recently and that it does more than just display a cool sidebar. Of course, it does too much more.

I wanted to find something by filename (my .emacs file, which I can never remember where it’s at on Win32). Searching Google Desktop was fast, but it returned everything on my system containing “emacs”. What I’d really like from Google Desktop is something that seems pretty natural to me (and apparently Apple’s engineers, too) — the ability to search on a particular attribute. So is this really a missing feature, or have I just missed some super secret search syntax?