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mozCC 1.1.2 Out

mozCC 1.1.2 is out; no feature improvements, just compatibility with Firefox 1.5 (and current nightly builds, alphas, etc.). I am working on some improvements to mozCC which should improve the overall user experience. In particular, I want to handle the following situations:

  • support for embedded, licensed content: Currently mozCC looks for a page license, and displays it’s information in the status bar. It’s perfectly valid, however, to license the text of a page with one license and the photographs with another. So we want to have an easy way for users to see that distinction.
  • support for discovery: mozCC lets you see that content you’ve found is licensed, but how do you find new licensed content? I want mozCC to help with that.
  • support for remix and re-use: I have two pages, can I mix them? Under what license? mozCC knows about the licenses in use, so I hope to help users re-use content.

To people who have inquired about localizing mozCC, I’m holding off until I get some of these fixes landed. They’re going to change lots of the internals, so it doesn’t make much sense to translate strings that may very well change or go away. If you’re interested in helping to localize mozCC, contact me , or subscribe to my blog’s feed — I’ll announce a call for translations there.

As always, let me know if you have any problems with the new release. Users who’ve installed an update to Firefox and found mozCC marked as “disabled” should be able to click “Find Updates” from the extension manager and download it auto-magically.