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Upcoming Event: Gnome Boston Summit

I’m going to be traveling to Boston for the first time in October for the Gnome Boston Summit 2005 . Looks like a really interesting group of people are planning to attend, most (OK, all) of whom have way more Gnome-street-cred (if there is such a thing) than I. I’m working on cooking up some ideas to bat around with the geeks — I’ll post them here as they become demo-worthy.

So here’s what I want to talk to other developers about:

  • we’re pretty good at licensing — what about discovery?
  • and once you discover content, how do you remix it? what can we do to make Gnome a killer remix platform?
  • beyond remix, what about “original” creation that uses parts or influences from other works — what does a UI for that look like?
  • we’ve got this embedded metadata, what should we be doing to leverage it?
  • finally, what apps/file types should we be targetting for better metadata support?

So if you’re going to be there and want to talk about how we integrate content discovery and reuse into the desktop, look me up.