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So it’s a testament to the complete insanity of my life lately that my last post was over 10 days ago, and it was about the event I just arrived at. I’m planning a future entry on what’s been going on at work and at school, because I think both are interesting, but here’s a preview: rolling out a new server platform the day you launch a fundraising campaign? Don’t. Really.

I finally made it to Boston just under an hour ago, and to my hotel 30 minutes after that. Perhaps if they give the bankrupt airlines an extra 14 years to pay back their loans they can also require them to accurately report delays before the scheduled take off time. I knew it was a bad sign when my flight was scheduled to leave at 3:40PM, and they moved another flight to the same gate, taking off at 3:30 (“No, Mr. Yergler, your flight looks good.”). We were later told that we were waiting on a plane from Dallas (or was it Denver?) that took off 15 minutes after we were scheduled to leave Indianapolis. How that’s defined as “looking good” is beyond me.

So tomorrow is the start of the Gnome Hacker Summit , although why Luis is looking forward to meeting me is quite a mystery. OK, sleep, then up early to fix lingering bugs in the website.