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ccPublisher 2, Beta 1 is out the door

It’s late, it’s delayed, and it doesn’t do everything I wanted it to. But there comes a point when you just need to ship. As posted to the cc-devel this afternoon:

I’m pleased to announce the first beta of ccPublisher 2. This beta represents the first step towards final release. There’s still lots that needs to be finished and polished, but there comes a point when you need to start getting some feedback.

So what works in this release? We’ve successfully uploaded several items to the Internet Archive, and verified that the metadata travels successfully along with the item.

What doesn’t work or is missing? Most notably the installer is missing from this release: we’re 99% there on Windows and Mac OS X and 90% there on Linux thanks to some code cribbing from the Straw project. Beyond the installer, the crash phone home and UI niceties like icons are missing as well. Because the phone home code is currently disabled, please include a copy of err.log when reporting bugs or crashes. It includes all sorts of debugging output which can be helpful in tracking down the problem.

You can find the complete instructions for running this release in the Release Notes , and the Downloads are available at Berlios. Additional information is available at the ccPublisher 2 Releases page in the wiki. Note that Windows and Linux builds are available for download now, Mac OS X will be available later today.

Nathan R. Yergler Software Engineer Creative Commons

UPDATE Mac OS X builds now available for download at the link above.