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Educated. Officially.

So it’s official: I am educated. Well, as educated as possessing a B.S. implies, which I suppose could be up for debate. This week has been my first working “full time” (as opposed my 3/4 time status when I was in school), and I’ve spent it working on getting back into the swing of work. Well, I was working hard while in school, but it was in fits and spurts, and my attention was always divided. Even now it’s a little weird to not have school hanging over my head. I keep looking at my schedule thinking “OK, so I have two months until August, so what do I want to accomplish while I can pay close attention to it.” I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

I used this increase in work (and new focus on it) to justify a new laptop purchase. After some looking around I ended up going with the Dell Inspiron E1505. I’ve always had a somewhat irrational prejudice against Inspirons, but it simply came down to the fact that no one could touch the price and feature set that the Inspiron had. After finding a couple of “unadvertised” coupon codes, I would up saving about $800 dollars. One the downside it is larger than my last laptop, which was a nice balance of size and functionality. But I’m already spoiled by the 15.4” [STRIKEOUT:WSXGA+ ] 1680×1050 display. I had to use my old laptop to retrieve some information last night, and my first thought was “god, that text is huge! what a crappy display!” (it’s the basic 14” 1280×768 WXGA size).

So I want to write some wrap-up about this past semester. My level of blogging has been pretty abysmal, so I’d like to give people an idea of what I’ve been working on the past 5 months. And I also have some ideas I’d like to get down, so hopefully I’ll get that done soon, too. I’m flying out to San Francisco on Sunday morning (I have got to stop taking 9 AM flights out of an airport two and a half hours away) so my goal is to get some writing (both code and text) done on the plane. We’ll see if that really happens.