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ccPublisher 2 released… and released… and released, again.

So ccPublisher 2 is finally out. You can find downloads at the release page . Of course, as soon as I created and uploaded the first cut of the packages (2.0.0) yesterday afternoon, a crash report came in from one of the beta users (ccPublisher has a phone-home function which allows it to upload crash information to our Roundup Tracker ). It was simple enough to fix, so I took care of it and cut 2.0.1.

Of course, problems always show up during demos or when your boss tries something. So Mike downloaded the 2.0.1 tarball, fired it up and managed to crash it within minutes. It’s all about the test data — I had been uploading photos, Mike tried an MP3. So back at it this morning. Finally, 2.0.2 is out. It fixes two relatively large bugs that Mike found, as well as a handful of annoyances I’d missed. I’m planning to write more about what we got right, what went wrong, and what we’ll be doing for an encore. Look for more when I’m back in Indiana on Monday.