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Rich Editting with Django and FCKEditor

After seeing their tutorial at OSCON last month, I’ve been playing Django in my spare time. One of the things I wanted to implement was a rich editor for the administrative interface (which really is Django’s killer app). There’s information in the wiki regarding using the Dojo editor and TinyMCE , but neither of those really fit my needs. TinyMCE comes close, but charging for spell check… well, I get that it’s probably a more difficult feature to implement, but I want to be able to try it out before paying. FCKeditor , on the other hand, has all the features I want, as well as a killer server-side browser that lets users manage images and media files from within the editor.

So looking at FCKEditor, I find that it relies on a server-side “connector” to supply the browser with browsing information. Since I was playing with Django, it somehow seemed, well, wrong to use a CGI upload connector. So I hacked together a Django-based connector. You can find it over on Google Code .