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Wiki Licensing for MoinMoin

I’ve been using MoinMoin for managing the non-blog content of for some time now, and its mostly been a great choice for me. Just enough through-the-web management to make maintaining the content less burdensome. One feature I noticed it was missing (compared to MediaWiki , which we use at work ) is Creative Commons license support. After I started to do some digging I found that there is support for a wiki license page. If enabled, this adds some text to the editor pages notifying contributors that their content will be subject to the site license.

So over the weekend I put together MoinLicense . MoinLicense is a pair of actions and a macro for MoinMoin which enables license selection. In addition to supporting a site-wide license, MoinLicense allows you to select a particular license for any page. Details, download information and known issues are in the wiki , natch.