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Snowed In

So Fort Wayne and the surrounding county is under a “Level 2 Snow Emergency” until further notice. This basically means that if you park on the street, you will be towed. If you drive, you better have a damn good reason. So I’m doing neither. I’m sitting at home coding, of course.

I gave up the two-machine (desktop and laptop) dichotomy last year, selling my iMac on eBay when I found it just wasn’t getting the use I thought it needed to. In the interim I’ve had moments where I thought that was exactly the right decision and moments where I just wasn’t sure. Usually I came down on the “it’d probably be nice to have a desktop” side: sure, there are all sorts of problems with keeping things in sync, but the (relatively) cheap storage for things like audio and video means I don’t have to pay a premium for a big ass laptop drive.

Over the weekend I received a check for some consulting work I did, so yesterday I went to my local Apple dealer and bought a new iMac . I have admittedly mixed feelings about Mac OS X (see Mark’s thoughts , which mirror mine to a certain extent), but I figured I either have to pay the Microsoft Tax or the Apple Tax, so I may as well have a machine I find aesthetically pleasing that will make a great Ubuntu box1_.

Anyway, I haven’t installed Ubuntu yet, but I was playing with Dashcode a bit this afternoon. So if you like ccMixter (and I think you should), check out the ccMixter Editors’ Picks widget.

ccMixter Editors’ Picks widget

ccMixter Editors’ Picks widget

When you install it in the Dashboard it lets you easily play the latest Editors’ Picks from ccMixter. And if you want more information, just click the “>” button and it’ll open the selected track at