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Open Source is my day job

On Monday I gave a talk at the University of Michigan School of Information on what it’s like to run an open source project and things to think about it you’re going to do it as part of a business. They sort of got the shaft — Jon Phillips is CC’s resident expert on community building and open source management. But Jon doesn’t like “in the middle”. So they got me.

I thought the talk went well. For once even though I talked too fast I had enough content to fill the time. Usually I talk too fast and run way under. And it felt like I had a good idea what the “story” was I was trying to tell, so that made it easier to put everything together. Putting the talk together reminded me that I’ve been really insanely lucky; for the past six years of my life, I’ve been at jobs where I’m paid to either consume or develop (or both) open source software. That beats the hell out of MCSE bullshit1_.

Slides, links, etc available here .