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Fox News is Lamer Than I Ever Imagined

I’ve been working at a local coffee shop for the past hour, and for most of that Fox News (on the obligatory, hideous plasma television) has been showing a car chase in LA. But as far as I can tell, it’s, well, just a car chase. And over the entire thing there’s this inane discussion of jurisdiction, what his intentions are, etc. What I love is the little ticker: “Driver may be heavily tattooed”. And then the voice over, “Well, I guess he figures he’s getting his 15 minutes of fame.” Huh, ya think? And who’s providing that? And all the while the white on red ALERT pulsates. Maybe I’ve just missed the part of the story where he has a hostage, or, well, anything newsworthy. But no, it’s apparently just some guy who stole a shitty rusted out Camry.

Maybe instead of “Fair and Balanced” they could brand their news service “Sensationalist and Explotative.” Just a suggestion.