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Months sooner than I initially expected, I find myself living in San Francisco. Things on here have been mostly silent since my last post , but extremely busy in meatspace. As I mentioned in my last post, I ended up with an apartment in Duboce Triangle, near enough to Duboce Park that I can easily walk Maddie there.

The past week has been exhausting, but really exciting. On the 31st of May I closed on the sale of my house as expected. That was a huge relief. On the 1st my best friend Jeremy helped me load the 16’ moving truck I rented, and the morning of the 2nd my Dad and I, along with Maddie, set of for the west coast. The drive was long, but a great trip. We did it in 3 days, stopping in Grand Island, Nebraska and Salt Lake City, Utah. The 3rd night (Monday) we drove to San Francisco and stayed at a hotel for the final night. Tuesday morning we drove into the city where I met the building manager to get the keys.

As we started to unpack it became clear that the truck I rented was about 4’ too long; after emptying it into the apartment there was barely any room left to walk.

Wednesday evening my Mom flew in from Indiana, and we spent the rest of the week working on the apartment. A trip to IKEA, two trips to the Container Store and several trips across the street to the thrift store (carrying things I didn’t have room for), and the apartment is finally feeling like a home.

It is a little surreal; for the past three years I frequently thought about moving to the city, but mostly as an escapist fantasy. Now here I am, actually here. After a week off (and two previous weeks really preoccupied with the move) I go back to work tomorrow. I’m really excited about being in the office on a daily basis and what the next year will hold.