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This Week

Things that I’ve done in the past seven days:

  • Spent most of the time in Logan, UT. It’s been very snowy.
  • Took Madeline to PetCamp where I agreed to pay $4 for the “Super Bowl Special” — extra play time, a hot dog, a doggie beer, and the game on the television. Not that I was planning to watch myself, but who can say no to doggie beer?
  • Went skiing with Richard at Beaver Mountain; photos coming.
  • Participated in the OER Sprint at COSL. While there I’ve been working on the CC Learn Open Education Search. This entailed learning more about Nutch than I ever planned, but I’m getting the hang of it.
  • Helped (for some definition of “help”) develop — a single location sites can register their feeds at (RSS, Atom, OPML or OAI--PMH) so they can be used by other sites building on OER.

Tomorrow I head to Los Angeles for “SCALE”: ; I’ll be speaking on Sunday about integrating CC into applications. Woot1_.