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OSCON 2008

I’m in Portland, Oregon this week for OSCON 2008 . Asheesh and I are speaking tomorrow on ccREL and ``liblicense <<> >\_.

Things I’m hoping to see this week:

  • lots of attention paid to, not just as an alternative to Twitter but as a first step towards truly open services,
  • lots of discussion about how free software can enable user autonomy,
  • corporate suit-types excoriated for not giving back (or for expecting us to build our “open” systems on theirs (I’m looking at you, [STRIKEOUT:Sourceforge 2.0] Atlassian).

So I’m probably just dreaming when it comes to the last one (maybe all of them, particularly with my qualifier of lots), but for the first time in a few years, there are actually talks I want to go to scheduled against one another. Maybe I’ll have to revise Yergler’s Theorem of Conference Value . But probably not.