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Ocean Beach Between the Storms

I spent an hour or so Saturday morning at Ocean Beach with my friend Scott , taking some pictures. Scott is a painter and was taking some reference shots. I was playing with the blackbird, fly Richard gave me for Christmas and taking some digital shots as well.

When we got there it had started to sprinkle again, giving us an amazing rainbow that appeared to land on the Cliff House .

We took a couple photos and went back to the car to wait it out. A few minutes later we had a reprieve from the rain, and we spent the next forty-five minutes walking down the beach.

The sun to our backs and the clouds over the ocean gave everything an ominous, foreboding appearance. Interestingly, this only made the waves and the water more appealing to me. I love watching waves crashing on rocks, rumbling to the shore; I have never seen the waves at Ocean Beach looking so powerful and so merciless.

Even with the crashing waves, though, the dogs were still running around and loving it.

By the time we were close to the Cliff House, it started to rain again. Scott and I hurried off the beach, walking quickly along the sidewalk towards the car. We were soaked when we got there, and the next storm had started.

See the full set of Ocean Beach photos on Flickr ; those taken with the blackbird, fly will be uploaded when I get them processed.