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“Golden Gate”, Linocut Print with Watercolor

Golden Gate: 8" x 10" linocut print with watercolor, printed on Rives BFK

In the process of working on Golden Gate last year, I printed the black plate on its own a few times. I’ve been experimenting with watercolors recently, and this is my latest attempt at mixing watercolors with my printmaking. I like how different it feels from the four plate print version. In Art & Fear , the authors talk about how every piece necessarily contains within it the seeds of what comes next: something you want to experiment with, try to do differently, take a little further. Part of what’s been so satisfying about experimenting with watercolors is that that seed is obvious, and at the same time I’m able to enjoy where I am today. That balance, appreciating what I’m doing today while at the same time feeling energized about where I’m going, is difficult and often fleeting. So I’m trying to enjoy it while it’s here.